Q) Who is this conference for?

A) This conference was designed with students in mind, specifically high school and post-secondary students. If you are in Grade 9-12 or a university/community college student, this conference is for you. Additionally, we have reserved tickets for adults and community members who may not be attending school but would like to join the conversation surrounding women in STEM and contribute to the changing climate in science, technology, engineering and math.

Q) I want to be inspired but I don’t identify as female. Can I still come?

A) YES! Everyone is encouraged to come – male, female, non-binary and everyone in between. Girls STEM Up is focused primarily on women in science, but we invite everyone to attend and join the conversation surrounding female engagement in STEM. We will be welcoming both female and male speakers to the stage to engage with our delegates, and this event is not exclusive to women. Girls STEM Up – not just for girls.

Q) I don’t want the fun to end after the conference. Will there be any activities afterward?

A) We don’t want the fun to end at 4:30 either, so we will be hosting a post-conference networking event for speakers and delegates to connect in the evening to keep the conversation going. Details coming soon!

Q) I heard you have some very interesting sponsors and community partners in STEM fields and beyond. After attending the conference, will we be able to speak to them about hiring opportunities?

A) We understand that many of our delegates will be planning for their futures in STEM careers, so we will do you one better. Once conference registration closes, we will send out an email to all registered delegates inviting you to send in your resume to be forwarded to all of our partners and sponsors. You will then be included in their job banks and contacted when your profile matches an open job opportunity. So by attending our conference, you’re not only opening your mind to the vast opportunities that exist in STEM, but you will also be considered for them in the future. How cool is that?