The Girls STEM Up Executive is proud to present our second conference dedicated to promoting

and empowering women in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

These disciplines have traditionally been dominated by men; a fact that is all but too apparent in the

classroom, in the workplace, and in the media. Year after year, despite some improvements, we see

that women are less represented, given fewer opportunities to excel, and underestimated in their

abilities. The Girls STEM Up conference aims to abolish these barriers by sparking conversations

between like-minded individuals, using stories from female STEM heroes to inspire the next

generation, and highlighting current opportunities in the field. This conference will bring new ideas

to the forefront, foster networking opportunities, and create a forum in which delegates and speakers

are encouraged to share these experiences.


Taking into consideration the fact that the first Girls STEM Up Conference took place less than a year

ago, the upcoming conference will revolve around a new and important theme: DISCOVERY. Much of

the science we know today was unknown hundreds of years ago, but instead, was discovered. As we

know, Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics are disciplines that are fuelled by exploration,

curiosity, and ambition. Their study requires a passion for learning, a willingness to get your hands

dirty, and a readiness to fail. These ingredients, combined with hard work and perseverance, leads to

innovation in STEM, ranging from cancer research to the invention of drones.The same is true for

ourselves. The Girls STEM Up Conference will be a chance for delegates to discover the opportunities

in STEM, the paths they can take, the tools needed for entrepreneurship, and most importantly, the

passion that lives within them.


On November 23rd, 2019, over 300 high school and university students from Atlantic Canada and

beyond will join us at the Fredericton Convention Centre for a revolutionary day celebrating diversity

and empowerment of women in STEM. Women, allies, and everyone in between, are encouraged to take

part in this event that has the potential to start a movement. The day will feature keynote speakers,

breakout sessions, interactive workshops, educational panels, contests, panels, and much more.

Lunch and snacks provided, this is a day you will not want to miss.