Breakout Session

Please see below for an in-depth explanation about each of our breakout sessions to help you pick which ones you want to attend!




Learn what perseverance, growth of mindset, and collaboration can do and how you can bring this perspective  to innovation?

Outside Thinking

This talk will focus on helping you understand thinking outside the box is crucial to being successful in your field.



Technology, Engineering, & Start-ups

Explore the world of start-ups, technology, and solving big data problems with our panel of experts.  


Connect with our speakers who will provide you insight into unconventional jobs in the health fields you may not have thought were possible.

Conversation & Forestry

Interested in conservation and environmental science? Enjoy our panel focused on potential jobs you can pursue that align with your passions!



Making Connections

Learn how to connect with peers, mentors, or potential employers. Discuss the best ways to approach facilitating these relationships and why it is important for your future.

Failure & New Paths

Why is failure important? Why is it important to learn to fail early? Learn how overcoming failure will help you become a better person and employee in the long run.

Bring your resume to life

The important conversation regarding why GPA doesn’t define you and soft skills will help further you in life. Learn why living life to the fullest and not in your textbook is important.


Women in the workplace .

Discuss corporate culture and how to thrive as a woman in industry and the workforce. Together, we open the conversation to what’s happening now (positive and negative), and how we can work together to improve this in the future.


A conversation around the importance of diversity and how different backgrounds (ethnic, racial, gender, experience, and mindsets), can only enhance the positive work environment and culture of the field people are working in.